MAIN characteristics of the BUDGET

Sources of financing the budget deficit of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation are internal sources in the following forms:
1) Cheap apartments for rent in Novosibirsk, carried out by the securities BU-MAG on behalf of the subject of the Russian Federation;
2) budgetary loans received from budgets of other levels of budgetary system of the Russian Federation;
3) loans received from credit institutions.
sources of financing of the local budget deficit may be domestic sources in the following forms:
1) municipal loans made by issuing municipal securities on behalf of the municipality;
2) budget < a href="http://hoteles.ru" > Novosibirsk hotels< / a>received from the budgets of hotels other levels of the budget system of the Russian Federation;
3) loans received from credit institutions.
the financing of the Federal state budget deficit is Central. Financing of the state budget deficit is the covering of the lack of income and, accordingly, the size of the deficit.Sources of financing of the Federal budget deficit are:

1) internal sources-loans received by the Russian Federation from credit institutions in the national currency; state loans carried out by issuing securities on behalf of the Russian Federation; budget loans received from budgets of other levels of the budget system of the Russian Federation;2) external sources of the following types - photographs of Novosibirsk from a height, carried out in foreign currency by issuing securities from the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation; loans from foreign governments, banks and firms, international financial institutions, provided in foreign currency.The total amount of funding is determined by comparing the costs of public administration and the sources of their coverage. It is equal to the amount of borrowing carried out by bodies of state administration, minus the repayment of the debt, minus acquisition of financial requirements for entities other sectors of the economy in order to control the face-conspicuity, net sales or repayments of such claims, plus Chi-hundred decrease in cash balances (excluding changes caused by governmental reassessment of their value). It should be noted that financing only includes repayment of principal for http://apartment-in-russia.com, while interest payments are reflected in the expenditure category.Financing of the budget deficit is carried out in two main ways: at the expense of state and municipal loans and at the expense of issuing new money. Deficit financing is also influenced by the increase or decrease in the balance of liquid funds in public administration. Thus, the category of financing includes borrowing, repayment (payment) of debt and changes in the balances of public administration in Bank accounts, state reserves of the national currency and securities.To Finance budget deficits, loans are used to attract free cash from other sectors of the economy and the outside world through the use of various financial instruments: the extension of public debt obligations and direct loans from other levels of government, international development organizations, governments, banks and suppliers. In this respect, borrowing as a category of public Finance reflects monetary relations between public administration and legal and physical entities, in which the former can act as both creditors and borrowers.The state uses the issue of debt obligations (issue of securities) to Finance budget deficits, refinance of public debts, financing of various programs, financing of unforeseen public expenditures, for example, in the case of issuance of housing certificates and bonds of domestic loans.the
State borrowing, debt repayment and changes in the balances of liquid financial assets are non-emission provisions to cover the budget deficit. Covering the deficit by issuing new money increases the money supply and contributes to the development of inflation processes.
in Addition to the above instruments, fiscal deficit financing factors may include transfers from the Central Bank that represent non-operating profit (loss) from the revaluation of foreign exchange and gold in http://urra.ru online store as a result of a change in the exchange rate. Such transfers are similar to obtaining a loan from the Central Bank, although they do not mean an increase in the government's debt obligations to the Central Bank.
financing the state budget deficit could OSU-sentletse as through external borrowing and by borrowing within the country. The impact of internal and external borrowing by the amount of financial resources of the country, balance of payment and economic growth the AK activity are different. From this point of view, the distinction between internal and external borrowing is essential.Thus, in case of budget surplus http://dap.su housing Bureau, measures for its reduction by: reduction of attraction of the income from sale of the state-owned or municipal property are taken; for the Federal budget-by reduction of attraction of the income from implementation of state stocks and reserves; the direction of budgetary funds for additional repayment of debt obligations; increase in expenses of the budget; reduction of budget tax revenues. Deficit financing of budgets is financed from the state and municipal loans and by issuing new money; at the expense of external borrowing and borrowing within the country.br>

JOB description ACCOUNTANT


1.1. For the post of accountant shall be appointed a person with higher economic education and experience in the position for at least one year.
1.2. Appointment to the position and release from it is made on the basis of the order of the head of the enterprise represented by the General Director of LLC Evrika.
1.3. Replacement of the accountant for the period of absence (leave, illness, etc.) is carried out by the decision of the chief accountant with the consent of the head of the company. Appointed in the prescribed manner the person performs the duties of accountant. Acquires the appropriate rights. Bears responsibility for quality and timeliness of accomplishment of the duties assigned to it.
1.4. Timely and complete accounting on assets and liabilities of the company.
1.5. Provision of reliable reporting on the activities of the company to the relevant authorities, within the prescribed time frame.
1.6. Proper document management and its reflection in accounting.the
1.7. The accountant shall be guided at accounting maintenance by the Federal law" on accounting " and the corresponding regulations on accounting, the chart of accounts and instructions on its application, regulations, methodical instructions and other documents. As well as this job description.
1.8. Information in accounting comes from suppliers, customers, budget and tax organizations, HR Department, Bank, autobase and other sources. All information received http://hotel-plaza.ru, is reflected in accounting on the basis of primary documentation.

2.1. The accountant must keep records of property, obligations and economic operations.
2.2. To carry out reception and control of primary documentation.
2.3. To produce timely, complete and accurate reflection of operations in accounting.
2.4. Preparation of the reporting calculation of the cost of production.
2.5. Identification and prevention of sources of losses and unforeseen expenses.
2.6. Develop a chart of accounts.2.7. Make charges and transfers of taxes and fees, calculate wages to workers and employees, make payments with the Bank.2.8. Prepare data for the preparation of financial statements. Its preparation and reporting to the relevant authorities.2.9. Form, maintain and store a database of accounting information.2.10. Participate in the analysis of economic activity and improvement of document processing.

3.1. Possibility to offer and make changes in improvement of the work assigned to the accountant by this job description.3.2. Get acquainted with the management decisions related to the activities of its work.3.3. Involve employees of other departments, if necessary, to solve the task assigned to the accountant.

4. Otvetstvennostiyu Demyansky district in accordance with the job description, administrative, criminal and civil legislation of the Russian Federation is responsible:4.1. For the proper performance and non-performance of their duties.4.2. For offences in the conduct of its activities.4.3 .For causing material damage.

5.1. This Job description shall be communicated to the employee on receipt. One copy of the Instruction is stored in the employee's personal file.Familiar with the instructions and undertake to perform:______________________________________Visualization is a mental representation, a playback, a vision of oneself in a situation that has not yet occurred. A person imagines himself to be doing or having what he wants and receiving what he wants. Let's say you want to develop self-confidence. Using your imagination, you represent yourself as a confident person. Mentally, you do bold things and communicate freely with a variety of people. You imagine situations that usually cause you difficulties, and imagine that you act in them easily, naturally and succeed. You can even imagine, as your friends and colleagues say you compliments, congratulating with acquired certainty in itself. You feel pride and satisfaction both from becoming a self-confident person and from the changes that have occurred as a result. You imagine what could and would happen to you, and live, as if it were happening in reality. THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL VISUALIZATION 1. Decide what you want to achieve: eat the exam, get promoted, meet someone, make a lot of money, win squash. 2. Relax. For a few minutes, take a break from business and take a breath, resting body and soul. 3. Within five to ten minutes to visualize the desired reality. Think more about what you are doing something or becoming, and not about what could have been more or less likely to occur. Live in your thoughts as if it were already happening to you. Create a small internal video. Imagine yourself doing what you want most. On the one hand, you realize that this is not really happening to you and has not yet become a reality. But the mental pictures that we draw ourselves, about which we constantly think, become a springboard for our purposes, a form that is filled with energy. These paintings are the real power that will work for us. When visualizing, give yourself any necessary qualities. If your mental image requires talent, courage, determination and perseverance, be sure to include them. Sometimes you will clearly see that you achieve the desired goal, as if watching a movie. In other cases, you will have only the most General picture of your goals http://sinel-nsk.ru. Well and the, and another. It is possible to alternate exact and free visualization, being engaged in each for five minutes, or to concentrate on something one that is more pleasant to you. Accurate visualization: Mentally create an accurate picture of the scene and what you want to achieve. Follow the pre-prepared script, mentally having lost it several times. Free visualization: Allow images and thoughts to freely replace each other, not directing them, but only as long as they show a positive way to achieve your goal. Use both methods, keeping in mind that the main thing here is practice. Many experience difficulties in the early stages of visualization. Their brain cannot create and draw the desired scenes http://gd-nsk.ru Do not worry if the same happens to you. The picture does not have to be complete and complete. Regularly engaged in visualization, you will soon be surprised to notice that your brain learns to generate mental pictures according to your desire. It should be noted that it is not enough to present anything once or even twice. The results will appear only if the image is imprinted in the mind again and again for weeks and even months until your goal has not been fulfilled. Do not try to evaluate the results after one or two attempts at visualization, If you have doubts - and they will arise - just ignore them. Do not try to resist them and http://sdam-kvarti.ru fight them, let them arise and disappear freely in your consciousness. Continue to engage in visualization, and everything will fall into place.